What do we do?

SQUARE specializes in providing consulting and development services for Internet and Intranet solutions in a SaaS and turn-key project configuration. The company offers a variety of services in application development with a high emphasis on usability and high-volume.

Our company has an extensive background in the development of complex multi-interface systems, both for information systems and for large engineering systems.

Additionally we at SQUARE take all our knoledge and expierience and invest them in to new ideas helping start up companies transition from product to business.

We provide you with a professional team, with an excellent reputation and experience in all stages of software development. We believe that the best way to a quality product is to delve into the project and the field in which it operates, as well as work closely with the customer throughout all stages of the project.
Our company has rich experience with satisfied customers in Israel and abroad, from the private, public and third sectors.

We believe that the work process should be mutually infringing while setting goals and objectives that will lead to the satisfaction of all involved, we implement these beliefs through a work process that includes full transparency and ongoing communication throughout the life of the project.