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So when we talk about understanding and reading the market we are talking about just that.
At an early stage of the epidemic we made a strategic decision that it was impossible to sit on the fence and look at everything from the side without taking part, we sat down in thinking teams and after many consultations we decided to develop a sampling system.
Until that moment there were almost no such systems, the ones that did exist gave only a partial answer.
Today our sampling system helps to sample tens of thousands of people a month, manages their records, transmits answers to subjects by a number of means, manages the communication with the laboratories and the Israeli Ministry of Health and gives statistics to our customers on performance.
Our customers use the system in all existing types of tests, pcr, antigen serological tests and speed tests of all types and species.
We are happy to take part in the fight against the corona virus and we will be aware of what is happening so that we will be the first to respond if necessary.